About Us

When the concept of forming Flexitrans was in its infancy, we wanted to create a name which was self-descriptive, and “Flexible Transport” at that time seemed appropriate. We like to think that we would “bend over backwards” to ensure that the Customer is offered the very best in customer care, efficiency, and personal attention to detail.

These main objectives have been accomplished from the beginning, but the industry, and markets are constantly changing , so adaptability has become a keyword in recent years.

the Flexitrans team, dedicated to serviceFlexitrans will always consider all options when they receive a new customer enquiry, ensuring the safest and most cost effective solutions are offered. We take into consideration timescales, and take time to understand the customer’s needs.

Sometimes “thinking outside the box” is required, and we hope that we can offer innovative ideas and take away all the pressures with our expertise. The most important factor in building a relationship and rapport with your Customers is trust, and this can only be gained with communication and sincerity.

Flexitrans takes all these factors into account and strive to offer the best possible service, yet with a competitive rating strategy.