Abnormal Transports

Abnormal loads and specialised movements add ‘flavour’ to our trade. Flexitrans personnel have for many years been involved directly and indirectly with various projects which require specialised transportation and movement permits. Our neutrality has allowed us to build a portfolio of professional and experienced suppliers of all types of equipment to most European destinations.

Whether you require semi low loaders, low profile flatbeds, lowloaders, “wafer beds”, gondola trailers, or bogey trailers we have the solution to your needs.

Abnormal movements & permits

abnormal transportsMany of our suppliers have yearly “running permits” allowing us to respond quickly, but the larger more abnormal movements may require permit application. All of our suppliers are renowned to the relative authorities and can obtain permits for any type of movement.

We regularly provide an excellent and competitive service for transporting out of gauge plant and agricultural machinery with this equipment.

Give us a try and use our email quotation service right now for any transport movement and we will contact you with a competitive quotation.