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Meet the team

There is no 'I' in the Flexitrans team

Jim Ritchie, Managing Director (Sales & Marketing / Development)

Heading the Flexitrans team of freight forwarding experts, Jim has been in the business for 30 years and has gained a wide ranging knowledge of the transport business working his way up in a traditional apprenticeship commencing as a ‘customs dock runner’ at 16 years incorporating duties as a customs entry clerk, trailer transport operator, freight forwarder & office manager.

Professional qualifications: CPC in National Haulage Operations, CPC in International Operations NVQ Level 4 in International Trade and Services and Fellow of BIFA.

Working within a project forwarding environment, Jim has encompassed knowledge in abnormal transport movements, ships chartering alongside traditional European transport.

Hobbies: Jim loves horse racing – owns a set of busted golf clubs, enjoys watching live bands & socialising with people.

Jamie Read, Director (Operations, Sales & Administrative Systems)

Jamie has progressed from an office junior to a Director and shareholder of a new dynamic and exciting freight handling service provider.

At the age of 16 he spent much of his time presenting documents to fellow agents, HMC and Dock officials, as well as being guided as to the do’s and don’ts of ships agency, meeting a wide variety of people such as crew and deck hands, first mates right up to the ship’s skipper.

At the age of 17 money ruled the world and Jamie changed his direction a little to encompass Scandinavian and European forwarders and Customs Clearance developing into what we now call today a supervisor, but then at the age of 17 Jamie was 2 away from the M.D.

After a couple of years Jamie had the opportunity to join a project forwarding company based in Felixstowe working as the P.A. to the M.D. Jamie gained much experience in most aspects of project forwarding in the North Sea Oil industry – so the question to detail is no stranger to him. He gained much experience in moving such things as a packet of nuts & bolts to a 40Mtr long 200T reactor, from a small van movement to a helicopter transportation.

Jamie has also gained experience in controlling various European trailer agencies that included over seeing route planning for delivery of trailers throughout the UK and subsequent reloading of export traffic back to the continent as well as coordinating all sales and finances and haulier/sub contract hire. To compliment these trailer agencies, Jamie also gained experience in general freight and European forwarding, Jamie has managed to build up a vast expanse of knowledge relating to these markets as well as implementing an extremely large and trustworthy haulage and transport subcontractor base for groupage, part load, full load and abnormal loads/transports throughout all of Europe.

Jamie was fortunate to get involved in it all.

Jamie Read of Flexitran Ltd Freight Forwarding

Ed Mellamphy, Ocean Freight Manager (worldwide deep sea forwarding & sales)

Ed has over 23 years experience in all aspects of deep sea forwarding having worked with several worldwide container lines, and it is his role to market and develop the deep sea services at Flexitrans Ltd to compliment their European road transport operations.

In September 2001 Ed first passed the Dangerous Goods Safety Advisors exam, and is qualified to advise on safety matters for hazardous cargo for storage and movement by road transport. This had added a new dimension to the services that can be offered by Flexitrans.

Ed also holds a CPC in road transport operations.

Adrian Blaza, European Market Operator

Adrian started his career path in transport in 1975 working as an Office Junior and Import Clerk at  British Commercial Transport, later to become Baxter Hoare.

In 1984 Adrian moved into Trailer Transport with Nippress Forwarding in Hull as an import Clearance Clerk and Transport Operations, and subsequently in 1990 joined their Felixstowe office in operations and business development.

Adrian subsequently diversified his skills by joining a freight forwarding company working on their Italian and French business, before moving to a local Trailer Operator for 14 years as their Sales Executive responsible for sales and customer services.


Danielle Haworth, Accounts / Purchase Ledger

Any questions or invoices can be directed to our dependable numbers lady Danielle.

No Courier Company

Flexitrans Ltd would like to make it clear that we have no association with the company “Pace Cargo Delivery”

We are NOT a courier company.

The company Pace Cargo is directing you to contact us to arrange the delivery, but we are not involved in any courier transportations.

Please be aware.

Yours sincerely,

Stay Safe

Flexitrans Team


As members of BIFA and RHA, Flexitrans are always fully up to date on any current restrictions/delays that have been caused and imposed by the various European Countries during the Coronavirus Crisis.

Whilst some services have encountered minimal delays, the Governments are constantly changing policy to allow free flowing transport, as it remains vital to the Economy.

As a responsible Freight Forwarder, Flexitrans have ensured that we follow Government Guidelines, and we are all working remotely from home, but we have full access to all our Computers, Telephone Lines and Systems allowing us to continue to work as effectively as if no restrictions were in place.

Due to our nucleus of reliable Suppliers which have grown to trust us over the years, we are still able to undertake any freight enquiry that you may have, to any country, in any quantity, and whether urgently required or more competitively required via a groupage service.

Our accounts department is also fully operational on a day to day basis.

Nothing has changed.

We are here enthusiastically awaiting any new enquiries that we can offer you for quotation.

Please send any enquiries to sales@flexitrans.co.uk, or call the office in the usual manner.

Yours sincerely,

Stay Safe

Flexitrans Team